Shepherds and a Manger

A group of shepherds abiding in the fields keeping watch over their flocks.  To shepherds, looked down upon, dirty, smelly, the angel appeared with astounding good news.  Why did the angel appear to shepherds, and why is this such a vital part of the Christmas story? Luke 2:1-14
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The Power of Christ

You can’t imagine the raw power that it takes to catapult an F/A 18 fighter that weighs 32,080 pounds off the deck of an aircraft carrier.  The plane goes from zero to 150 knots, that’s 170 miles an hour, in two seconds.  If you think that a catapult shot is impressive, think about the raw […]
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The Presence of Christ

Throughout our lives we face a number of dilemmas and difficult decisions. We want to do what is right.  We want to do what is God pleasing, but when we turn to him for help, guidance, direction do we hear only silence?  Or do we often overlook God’s presence in our midst?
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