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Many people are looking to have a stronger relationship with God and his son Jesus. Perhaps you are too, just as all of us are. The best way to connect with God is to pray to Him on a daily basis. Even if you have not been faithful to God He yearns for your return. He is a loving and forgiving Father and thru His Son Jesus Christ your trespasses may be forgiven. All of this and more is explained in the Bible, some of it in simple language that is easy to understand, while other parts have been debated for thousands of years as to the true meaning.

An excellent way to connect with God is by connecting with people that care about you and follow Jesus. The best place to find loving people that care about you and your needs is in a church.

We invite you to visit Our Savior so you can see firsthand the type of loving and caring people we are. Jesus Christ is head of the church and we serve Him, we serve the community as He instructed us to and we are changing lives. Come talk to us, attend a Sunday service that suits your needs; participate in Bible studies; join one or more of our special interest groups. Don’t put it off, attend this Sunday!


We offer two worship services on Sunday morning, traditional Lutheran service at 8:00 am and at 10:30 am a service with contemporary and traditional music.  In addition, to worship services, there are Sunday School classes for children at 9:15, youth group hangouts at 10:30 with Bible study and small-group adult Bible study at 9:30.  We look forward to meeting you and our greeter will be happy to show you around and answer all of your questions.


Adult Bible Class Sunday 9:20 am

Living Beyond Yourself - Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit

The Book of Galatians makes an astonishing statement: "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free." (Galatians 5:1a) Genuine freedom only comes through a Holy Spirit filled life. Join us each Sunday at 9:20 to discuss our life and the fruits of the Spirit. Pick the weeks you can participate. Led by Jane Nicklas

July 14 Week 1 - An overview of Galatians: Why did St. Paul write about the fruits of the Spirit? July 21 Week 2 - The Fruit of Love July 28 Week 3 - The Fruit of Joy August 4 Week 4 - The Fruit of Peace August 11 Week 5 - The Fruit of Patience August 18 Week 6 - The Fruits of Kindness and Goodness August 25 Week 7 - The Fruits of Faithfulness and Gentleness Sept. 1 Week 8 - The Fruit of Self-Control

Serving Christ

By serving others in the Community, the Nation, the World

Life Net 4 Families


Serving Broward County for over 30 Years

We at Our Savior Lutheran Church  have been supporting LifeNet4Families (Food For The Poor) for many years.  The youths volunteer one day a month to help prepare and serve food at their facility.  On the second Sunday of each month, we have a door offering especially for LifeNet4Families.


Disaster Relief

Serving the Nation and the World

As supporting members of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod we help provide disaster relief wherever it may occur, whether around the country or around the word.  Our Savior helps with disaster relief in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.

school teacher reading book

Serving God's Children

Christian School Ministry

We have an award winning school to serve the children in the community ranging from preschool to middle school. Small class sizes, dedicated and certified teachers, fully accredited curriculum and a Christian environment make Our Savior Lutheran School an excellent choice for your children.