Book Club

Our Savior Book Club
The Our Savior Book Club was started by Jane Nicklas in September 2010 as a fun way to get together. We take turns choosing books and meet on the first Thursday of every month to talk about our current book (and everything else!).

In addition to the fellowship, the best thing about our club is the opportunity to read books that we would ordinarily not think of on our own. We read classics, current bestsellers, mysteries, biographies, memoirs, historical fiction, nonfiction, funny books, sad books, even books about dogs!

Some of our favorites include “Lab Girl”, “The Girl Who Wrote in Silk”, “Where the Crawdads Sing”, “The Christmas Table”, “The Giver of Stars”, “A Man Called Ove”, “The Atomic City Girls”, “A Gentleman in Moscow”, and “Ordinary Grace”. To date we have read over 100 books!

The Book Club began meeting on Zoom following the COVID shutdown in March of 2020, and we continue to meet that way. Some of our members have moved, so it’s a perfect opportunity to continue getting together. Discussion is led by the member who chose the book for that month. If you would like to join us speak to Carol Tucek or Jan Withers; call the church office at 954-473-6888 for contact information.

Selection  Highlight

The Atomic City Girls is a fascinating and compelling novel about a little-known piece of WWII history.”—Maggie Leffler, international bestselling author of The Secrets of Flight
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