Women’s Group

Women's Group
All the women in our congregation are invited to join this group. It’s our time to get away and fellowship and find friendship with other Christian ladies. We meet once a month (third Monday of each month). This is a group of women that are ACTIVE. Our meetings are packed with plans for fundraising, supporting children in the Orphanages in Haiti, children in World Vision, supporting the needs of our church and our members.

Each meeting is planned and executed by Teams that develop the evening’s event. One month is a Spiritual focus, another, Service and another Social. All teams follow the same format.

The talents of these ladies are amazing; bakers for our Bakery table, cooks for our Luncheons, crafters for our Marketplace, surprise actresses for our fun Skits, scripturally astute for our Devotions, creative minds for our monthly meetings … and showing compassion, love and care for each other.