Church Roof Replacement

Day 1 - July 5th - Supplies Delivered

Day 2 - July 8th - Work Starts

Day 3 - July 9th

Day 4 - July 10th

Day 5 - July 11th

Percent Complete: 27%



Good afternoon Our Savior Lutheran Church! Our crew has continued with the removal of the old roofing system over the Metal panel section and have installed 1,800 SF of the under-layment. They also came across a total of 160 SF of deteriorated plywood decking and two 2x4 pieces of wood that was in need of replacement. You will find below a plywood deck replacement log that we will keep as an on-going change order per the Contract and the Unit prices below along with the photos. The crew also started working on the pop up roof section where they removed and replaced 600 SF. Please contact us with any questions, thank you.

Day 6 - July 12th