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Glades Associates is excited about the turnout to support "Toys for Haiti Foundation" packing backpacks a Thrivent Community event. It provided us with a unique opportunity to live generously, give back, and help those in need.  Volunteers filled 150 backpacks with school supplies and an encouraging note for the students.
The filled backpacks will be given to Toys For The Poor Foundation for distribution to children in Haiti, in two suburb areas of St Marc, Chatelas, and Lagrange.
Susan and Bob DePasquale along with Jan Withers organized the event here at Our Savior.  Thrivent Financial provided the snacks for the volunteers and the school supplies for the backpacks.

"I was sick and you visited Me"

A team of 13 individuals from Lutheran churches in Texas, North Carolina, Kansas Wisconsin and three  from Fort Lauderdale visited Haiti to provide Medical services to villages near Port du Prince and Port de Paix. Roberta Little, from Our Savior Lutheran Church was among the volunteers in this team. The team had a medical doctor, a pharmacist, a nurse and the rest were there to assist. Numerous Haitians were also part of our team serving as drivers, translators, and security personnel.

We began work shortly after our arrival in the town of Leogene, about 30 miles west of Port of Prince. The following day, Sunday, we began our journey to Port de Paix to work with those communities selected by Pastor Barnard, the Lutheran pastor in that area. It took a full day to drive to this area as a good portion of the road was unpaved. We spent 4 days in that locale, each day in a different area. Medical teams are highly regarded in Haiti as most people rarely, if ever, are able to be seen by a doctor. One young girl examined needed surgery for a bowel blockage and Pastor Barnard was able to make arrangements. Another woman and her children were destitute and Helen Roenfeldt, Mission Haiti’s director, was able to provide immediate as well as extended assistance.

Mission Haiti

Mission Haiti is a small organization, recognized by the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. The organization may be small in numbers, but its heart for Haiti and that country’s needs is huge. Teams travel to Haiti roughly every three months and along with medical teams, there are construction/project teams, as well as teams who teach VBS. This is an organization whose presence in Haiti is highly respected.

hurricane matthew path over haiti

Haiti - Frequently in the path of hurricanes

Widespread destruction and the need for medical care